The High Line

The High Line is a 1.5 mile long public park on the west side of Manhattan, built on the abandoned elevated railroad tracks which stretch from the Meatpacking District to W. 34th street. It was inspired by the wild growth which took over when rail service ceased, where a post industrial ruin has been transformed into a stunningly bio-diverse landscape.


The High Line has become a must see stop in New York. It has not only altered a previously run down area into a verdant, continuous garden. It has also changed the public perception of what a park is, and how transformative that can be.  Today, the north end is anchored by the newly open Hudson Yards, which is the largest construction project ever undertaken in the history of the city. To the south, the High Line begins in the Meatpacking District, another transformed district of Greenwich Village.


The High Line and its immediate environs keep transforming, which reflects the ever changing city that follows the same pattern of continual transformation.  This 2 hour tour takes all this in, beginning in Hudson Yards and ending in Greenwich Village.

Duration 2 hours                 Price  $200