Greenwich Village to the High Line


We start in Washington Square, geographically and historically the heart of this renown neighborhood. Working our way west and north, past the townhouses, clubs and landmarks, you'll hear about the rich history of this area, which goes back to the days of  New Amsterdam. This is one of the most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods of the city. The Village has been the home of countless artists , writers , musicians, and activists, whose history has left its mark- from Eleanor Roosevelt to Mark Twain to Edward Hopper, Bob Dylan and countless other luminaries.  Every corner is imbued with the story of this city , along tree-lined, lo-rise 19th century streets. I'll point out some of the excellent places to eat, drink and hear music along the way.  Moving north and west , through the former meat packing district, the tour ends at the city's greatest new outdoor location, the High Line.  Originally an elevated railroad, it’s been re-purposed as ingeniously winding, beautifully landscaped park, floating above the busy streets of Chelsea.

Duration   2.5 hours                 Price  $250