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The High Line is a 1.5 mile long public park on the west side of Manhattan, built on the abandoned elevated railroad tracks which stretch from the Meatpacking District to W. 34th street. It was inspired by...

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There's no better way to see the beautiful neighborhoods of Brooklyn than by bike. We start in Park Slope and its splendid neighbor Prospect Park. 

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On September 11, 2001, New York City, and the world,  took a dramatic turn. Out of the ashes of the 9/11 attack, a completely new and dramatic part....


This tour is an overview where you will see some of the city’s most important structures and neighborhoods. We focus on 3 neighborhood: Midtown, Downtown and Lower Manhattan, each of which have an abundance of worthy places to explore.


We start in Washington Square, geographically and historically the heart of this renown neighborhood. Working our way west and north, past the townhouses, clubs and landmarks,


The possibilities of things to see and do in New York are vast. People often want a little from Column A, and some from Column B, though this isn’t on my fixed tours.That’s fine! If you are interested in a tour of your own design, just ask. 



My background as a photojournalist, author, filmmaker, and native New Yorker has prepared me well to be a guide here. I am a storyteller in images, words and voice.


I worked for Newsweek magazine for ten years, covering stories locally, across the nation, and overseas. My work has been published in many domestic and international publications.  In addition, I’ve worked with many ngo’s and non- profits.


I've photographed and authored 11 books for children on a diverse range of subjects ranging from the life of a UN Ambassador; a book about garbage, one about tugboats, and a book about fire fighters, to name a few. 


I produced and directed the feature length documentary Gotham Fish Tales, about the marvelous and unlikely fishery and fishermen of New York City. It played in many film festivals and ran on the Sundance Channel.


My work as a New York City guide is a great fit for me. It pairs my love of this city, its history, and it’s constantly changing ways, with my love of telling stories.